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  • Kisha Shoes

    Kisha shoes is a Mexican brand of footwear and accessories for women and for little girls with fun designs. Everything is manufactured in the city of Leon Guanajuato, Mexico by real Leon artisans. 


    Amantolli Leather Art. It is a Guanajuato located company dedicated to the manufacture of handmade cushions and leather and textile decoration accessories, applying environmentally friendly methodologies.

  • Matices Piel

    Matices leather is a brand that shows the elegance and functionality of good design in handbags and wallets for women and men. Our material is authentic leather. If you ask in Mexico where is the best leather products? We believe the answer would be in Leon Guanajuato. Because everything is done by real artisan experts, our products are the best.

  • Mexican Wolf

    Mexican Wolf is the brand of t-shirts and hoodies that offers its customers 100% original and fun products, aimed at a market with a unique urban-casual style. Dedicated to manufacture and merchandise urban young t-shirts for men and women, offering an original concept in design, fashion and avant-garde, through productive processes and committed personnel to meet the needs of its customers.

  • MR. B AND MS. B

    MR. B AND MS. B is an urban fashion brand, it has an extensive assortment of products from purses, shirts, bags and footwear.

    It is a commercial and urban clothing company founded in 1995 in Leon Guanajuato by Cristian Alfonso Rodriguez who is currently the creative director graduated from Graphic Design at the University of La Salle Bajío de Leon Guanajuato.

    Its trends range from urban trends of graffiti, skate as well as Mexican and artisan themes, with excellent quality at a good price.

  • Omarelo Venne

    Omarelo Venne is a brand that is a 100% Mexican brand dedicated to the manufacture of footwear brogue or boston style shoes for women and men. Genuine leather footwear, manufactured in the city of León, Guanajuato with handmade manufacturing techniques. Footwear where comfort and design are mixed equally. Manufactured by experts obsessed with quality.

    Our collaborators are an important part of the brand, since through their experience we manage to improve day by day. Our brand offers the possibility that our clients can have personalized designs, we want to give our clients a unique and better attention every day and that their walk is in style.

    Our goal is to invite our clients to enter the world of footwear design and give a different and personalized experience when using our shoes.

  • Sabina Bolsas

    Sabina Bags is a brand of leather bags for women. They currently sell wholesale and retail bags. With the very clear objective of having a Mexican design of excellent quality, unique designs and great personality.

    Their designs are simple, but very sensual and always current because they seek to know the new trends and seek versatility. Located in Leon Guanajuato.

    Sabina Bags offers leather bags from the center of Leon Guanajuato to more than 10 states of the Mexican Republic. In addition, it offers a variety of leather products and leather goods with wholesale prices for your business or personal use.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items