5 shoes every man should have

5 shoes every man should have

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There are many types of shoes but here we provide you with our Top 5 to make your choice easier.

But, please note that we say our top 5. Yours could be different depending on the lifestyle, age and your personal preferences.

Now is the time to fully go to this top, starting with number one. The shoe that every shoe collection should have:

1. The simple Black dress Shoe

This is the reason, the black dress shoe is simple, it is classic. You can use it with a suit, with jeans, slacks or Chinos. It doesn't matter, with what you wear them, what does matter is if you are wearing a dress shoe that is too bright. A very bright dress shoe is probably limited to the suit or a very elegant style. Rather, you should look for black skin with a matte finish that can go smoothly between very elegant to casual.

In a matter of style, the first option is the moccasin; The reason is that it looks better with many of the more informal options. Some models with ribbons look better on the upper end, such as a suit, formal pants, professional business clothes. What we should be looking for is something that gives us versatility. Which brings us to number two

2. Brown dress shoes

El zapatos de vestir color Café

The same rules apply to the super sexy cousin of the black shoe. We consider black to be perfect, but we don't want to wear black every day and there is nothing that adds more richness and dimension to an outfit, like a great Brown shoe.

Important note: It has not happened to everyone that when we are going to buy shoes, you find that pair of shoes, you liked it, it is what you were looking for and it comes in coffee and black. Now you're thinking, problem solved I'll buy both. We know that your natural instinct as a man tells you that it is logical. However, do not do it. You have to think differently in terms of style. Look for different styles, a coffee with laces, and a black with a brooch or vice versa. Don't be the type that buys the same pair of shoes in different colors.

3. The informal boots


botines de piel color negro

Boots are a great casual option, they are sexy and for short men add a little height. Boots are a great casual option. They look good with jeans or with cargo style. We recommend that if you do not have a pair you should give yourself a little affection for yourself because they really balance the costumes.

4. Bostonian style shoes

zapatos estilos bostonianos o brogue color cafe

It is clear that you need a shoe that you can use casually well. If you are going to leave during the week, without getting into carelessness. For example, arrive at the office by bicycle, walk the dog at lunchtime. No matter what you do, but that tea of a casual look but without losing that elegant style, you need an option with which you can dress short for a cool occasion.

In this style of footwear, you can use tines to resemble a use without sock accompanied by shorts but with a dynamic style. Do not worry if you give them a little bad treatment and limit you by ruining your shoes. That is informal but not as informal as the following.

5. Tennis shoes or sneakers

tenis blancos con pantalón café

But just to call them that. This is not the pair with which you are going to run, this is not the shoe you use for the gym, it is a shoe that you want to walk around the city, super casual, but it still looks super fresh and energetic. There are many retro-inspired sneakers that are available in the market and are not expensive. It's a great way to alternate your wardrobe, and they look super cool. Just remember to keep it spotless because tennis that just ran a marathon doesn't look good at all.

Remember, as we said, it really depends on your lifestyle and your personal preferences. Get the right shoe for any outfit or situation you encounter.

We hope this TOP 5 has served you and that it is useful, for when you make future purchases, you know exactly what is necessary for your closet, and for the necessary occasion.

Shoes are the characteristic component of each man's wardrobe. As with the most elegant clothes, good shoes can be priced, so maintenance is essential.

Below, we show you our best tips to keep your shoes. Take matters into your hands when it comes to keeping your shoes looking the best for longer.

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