¿Sell without inventory?

¿Sell without inventory?

Become a manufacturer

Receive orders from the network of active users and produce what is sold.


We create opportunities by starting production

Increase marketing speed and reduce inventory costs with the first wholesale purchase-order platform.

This is not a typical buying and selling experience, and that input is a good thing. The MayorBox market is different because our brands have no inventory. Instead, they sell their products upon request and produce only what is sold.

Traditionally, brands sell directly to large retailers and use distributors to reach small independent stores. It is a model that has worked for decades. But in a digital world, this balance is disrupted.

Brands that do not have strong direct consumer channels are at a fundamental disadvantage compared to those that do and are losing additional revenue.

Smart brands use their online stores as a means to introduce their customers to new products.

MayorBox is a company from Leon that provides the space to simplify the process of buying and selling on order online.

A purpose for each brand

Whether you're presenting your 1st line of footwear or clothing or in your 15th year, bring your brand to the 21st century with more efficiency and less risk.

It generates greater brand recognition; Here you can advertise your brand without spending anything through our online store, our blog, and social networks. In addition, establish a direct line of communication with customers.

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