4 innovations changing the footwear industry

4 innovations changing the footwear industry

The era of technological innovation is here. Both in consumers, as well as in the way of interacting and buying products. Today, large footwear companies are looking for new technologies for their designs and sales channels. A slight example is immense amounts of data, generated by consumers, which has helped that purpose.

Here are some of the innovations that are changing the footwear industry, as we already know it:

1. Smart shoes

The big companies of the market like Nike, Under Armor and Xiaomi that connected through an application, detect from speed, distance, calories, hours of sleep, weight among other health metrics. Efforts are being made to design traditional shoes with integrated technology to increase comfort, convenience, and good health. They are some of the innovations that are revolutionizing the future of footwear.

On the other hand, the Japanese company Wish Hills has invented Shoes with GPS to find your loved ones with Alzheimer's. The advantage of GPS in shoes: it is discreet and your loved one will never forget to bring it with you. Well, studies suggest that putting on shoes is an almost automatic activity which reduces the possibility of going out without them.

shoes made of sargassum and pet

2. Shoes made with waste

While large firms seek comfort, convenience and good health of their shoes.

While large companies seek comfort, convenience and good quality in their shoes. Renovare, a company from León, Guanajuato, unveiled its 'Organic and Ecological' footwear line. whose sole is made with sargassum and the upper part of 'cut', with recycled plastic bottles to obtain polyester.

It is worth mentioning that, Renovare is a company interested in promoting environmental care. Recycling, reducing and reusing, plastic bottles (Pet), to create unique and different footwear capable of giving a second life to waste.

3-d printer for shoes

3. 3-D Footwear Printing  

3D printing is being incorporated into more and more industries, and fashion is no exception to this. Technology is opening up to new possibilities and creative solutions. Something we have seen that is used in various ways, from jewelry to costume design, etc. Another area where the use of technology is growing is with 3D printing on footwear.

The initial dream of 3D printing on footwear was that consumers could print their own products at home. Although the market is not at that stage yet, the price reduction in 3D printers has made technology increasingly accessible. What is helping this technology will undoubtedly revolutionize the footwear industry.

3-d scanner for shoes

4. 3-D scanner. Footwear with perfect fit

Photographic technology is also reaching new heights when it comes to obtaining precise measurements to achieve the best possible fit of footwear or insole. As if it were an expert podiatrist, the system will analyze the individual's footprint. In addition to a volumetric scan. This can be especially helpful for all those people who have some kind of difficulty when it comes to finding custom shoes. Or that they cannot adapt their feet to footwear that is usually sold in stores.

While this technology has multiple applications, this could be a clear extension of the 3-D printer to have at home.

There is no doubt that every day that advances, technology, and innovation also does and adapts better to the needs of their respective markets, which is clearly reflected in the industry that concerns us, that of footwear, the Mayorbox team .com expects this data to be useful to you. We know that as every industrial activity has its pro and cons that we don't mention here. But that may be worth mentioning.

What technology would you like to apply in the footwear industry?

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