Amazing facts that make the footwear business attractive

Amazing facts that make the footwear business attractive

The footwear industry in Mexico is of great importance to generate income and sources of employment.

In this sector, the Bajío and the West regions stand out, mainly the States of Guanajuato and Jalisco. In fact, the city of León, Gto., A pioneer in the industry since 1654 in the then New Spain, is known as the Leather and Footwear World Capital.

That is why we gave ourselves the task of letting you know the most important points of this economic activity, in case you are related or plan to enter this business.

1. The advantage of Mexican footwear against the competition.

The Mexican footwear is of excellent quality, a trend in a low-cost fashion.

This is achieved thanks to the existing supply chain and the highly skilled workforce that exists in the city of León, Gto.

The main cost of the manufacture of footwear, speaking mainly of the one made of leather, are the inputs from the tanning activity and finished in leather and leather.

76.4% of tanning and finishing of leather is processed in the state of Guanajuato, which provides the 4 entities of the Republic where 94% of the value of footwear production is concentrated: Guanajuato 70%, Jalisco 15%, the State of Mexico 5%, and CDMX 3%.

This has as its main benefit that there is a highly efficient supply chain, which generates a decrease in costs, in a few words, in the area of the Mexican basin, is the largest Leather-Footwear Cluster in the country.

2. Growing demand for footwear.

Today there is a constant growth of national and international demand which drives its large-scale production.

Mexican shoemakers produce 300 million shoes annually and export just over 27 million pairs. Mainly, the United States, Canada, Central and South America according to CICEG data.

one smart shoe

3. Innovation in footwear.

In recent years, there have been innovations that have shaken the world in the footwear industry and more and more companies are looking to manufacture shoes that give consumers what they want.

From smart shoes that detect speed, distance, calories, hours of sleep and even weight; as well as shoes with GPS to find grandparents with dementia; (No kidding), or shoes made with materials for environmental conservation are some examples of trends.

women with computer e-commerce

4. New very effective sales channels.

Nowadays it is very common for anyone to acquire goods or services online.

Online sales channels are our favorites because it offers many facilities and amenities.

In our case, the sale of footwear online is no exception, and it is quite normal for large manufacturers to start betting on new sales channels such as electronic platforms.

These were only 4 important points to consider when you are thinking about entering the world of manufacturing, distribution or sale of footwear.

It is worth mentioning, there are many more advantages and, without a doubt, the business related to footwear is one of the most lucrative economic activities.

We recommend good strategic planning for you to develop your business successfully. You will achieve significant business growth, which will inevitably leave you satisfied.

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