Main Quality Inspections for the shoe:

Main Quality Inspections for the shoe:

How to inspect a pair of shoes?

When you buy a pair of shoes, most of the time it is because of its aesthetics and style but in many other cases, the quality of the footwear is the most important factor that will define whether the purchase is made or not.

Given this situation we decided to ask the following questions:
"How important is the quality of footwear when buying or selling?"

"What aspects should I check on a shoe to know if the quality offered is good?

compared shoes for qualitySo let's go through these questions and analyze the possible answers so that you can know if you have ever performed the following inspections.

So below we provide you a checklist on quality and the most common defects in a pair of shoes.

The first thing that you have to verify to diagnose like a professional is to categorize the evaluation of the footwear since there are 3 types A, B and C:

Shoes of type "A":

They are shoes without functional defects or aesthetic defects that damage the commercialization of the shoe. These are high-quality shoes, look good and fit properly almost any type of foot.

Shoes of type "B":

They are shoes that do not have great functional defects that cause injuries to the person who uses them. These shoes come to have aesthetic defects, production errors or labor problems that can be repaired more easily.

Shoes of type "C"

They are shoes with important functional defects that could cause injury to the user. In addition to having great aesthetic defects that can not be repaired. Shoes are also considered to be of type C if their production process is deficient since their raw material is cheap and does not meet the corresponding needs when being maquilated.

Quality inspection for shoes
When reviewing a shoe you should contemplate the following points:

1. Check that both feet are equal in size and color.

2. Check for damage or discolouration.

3. Check that the pair is clean and has no odors.

4. Check that the shoe has the specifications mentioned in terms of manufacturing material and of course measures.

check list of quality for shoes

Are the right and left foot the same in width and length? Does the shoe have an equal seam or mark on both feet from any angle? 

To check the alignment of the shoe parts. You have to start from the front roller shoes to align the parts, tops, vamps, overlays, eyelets, eyelets.

While holding the tops from side to side, compare the finish and colors of each part. Then hold the shoes by looking at the heels. Make sure the shoes are held in a similar position. Make sure that the top is not turned out of the center.

Now rotate the heels together to check the height of the back and the necklines match.
Next, we need to study the shoe bottoms, do they match? Are the color blocks in the same location? Look over the sidewall to make sure there are no wrinkles between the sole and the template. Check the stitching that attaches the top to the outer sole.

An inspection to be considered complete means that the shoe is inspected inside and out. Note that the liner is clean and wrinkle-free. Pass your hand around the neck, feel if there is any lump, blows or glue. 

The lining of the tongue should now be inspected for wrinkles and lumps.
First, you have to place the hand down inside to check the instep and toe from the inside. Feel around the toe along with no long-lasting wrinkles or differences in seams. Look for rough textures.

6 Common Defects in Shoes

Now we are going to present the 6 most common defects in the manufacture of shoes.

1. Excess of glue, wax or oil.

2. Weak or brittle rubber sole.

3. Abrasion marks.

4 Asymmetry in shoes.

5. Incorrect size.

6. Tapered or narrow tip.

To finish our blog, shoes can be bought to make a fashion statement, or simply provide utility and convenience. Either way, most shoes are manufactured with some level of quality in mind.

Now that you know the main features where the main defects are, you can already analyze when you were selling a product of good or poor quality.

Ultimately, the inspection of your shoes will help you to ensure that what is being sold will meet the personal requirements for the use to which you destine and do not pay for something that you do not need or do not fulfill the purpose that You search.

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      Estupendo articulo, lectura recomendad para cualquier profesional del sector del calzado que tenga alguna duda sobre la calidad del zapato que está fabricando o comprando. Felicidades por el trabajo bien hecho.

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        Dec 07, 2022


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