The history of women's handbags

The history of women's handbags

Today we were thinking what to write for our blog, when we raised a question as we went through various pages of Mayorbox;

What is the history of the women's bags and how was it evolving until today?

Which is why we started to investigate as "high school class" and well, we'll tell you our results of this deep investigation (sarcasm):

History tells us that they are powerful bearers of their owners' secrets, since how many things and objects that have special value move there. Even the signifiers of power, status, and beauty, especially when the bag is Gucci, Michael Kors or Prada.

We consider them to be the guardians of everyday life teams, handbags have been heavily influenced by technological and social changes, such as the development of money, jewelry, transport, cosmetics, and cell phones. Nowadays even less in its interior so that our beautiful women find their lipsticks easier in the dark.

Here is a brief history of the bags chronologically;

From the old handbags with accounts of African priests to the couture bag of the modern woman of today.

The word "bag" was a slang word for seventeenth-century female pudenda (Steele and Borrelli 1999). You imagine the word bag or bag in English was something fancy, because yes, in those years we suppose that it was something extremely exotic and that only women of royalty and status could acquire.

The purses are considered as the ancestor of the bag, have used, as more affordable sachets to keep the precious objects, do not say the precious money. While "handbags" as a term did not exist until the middle of the nineteenth century, the old bags were made of leather or cloth and were used mainly by men to store valuables and coins (Foster, 1982).

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs show that men wear purses around their waist, such as kangaroos worn by gym instructors.

Century 14:

The cord bags, used to carry money, were attached to "girdles" through a long cord attached to the waist. This accumulation was particularly significant because pockets would not be invented for several hundred years thereafter.

Women often wore ornate tie bags called "hamondeys" or "tasques."

Stock markets became a way of identifying social status.

15th century

Medieval bags were linked to marriage. A common wedding gift from the groom to the bride was a bag adorned with embroidered love stories. You imagine how romantic.

In this century came the bags, known as "chaneries", which were used to play or carry food for hawks, large birds used by knights for hunting and sport.

16th century

By this time peasants and travelers carried bags of cloth diagonally across the body. Like the ones, hippies wear nowadays.

The aristocrats began to carry "sweat bags" full of a sweet smell to compensate for the lack of hygiene. In these bags, you found an endless number of flavorings to hide the ugly odors on special occasions.

17th century

In this century girls were taught embroidery as a necessary skill to make them "housewives", thanks to this there is an increase in bags with ornamental stitching. And therefore the bags in women begin to be practical and more used.

Towards the end of this century, the simple cord bags of the previous century became more and more aesthetic and especially of a higher quality

18th century

It remained unchanged but began to use materials such as cowhide that was leftover from shoe factories.

19th century

The women spent considerable amounts of time embroidering, marking the date and their initials on the outside of their bags began to add decorative hooks to and to their interiors.

20th century

The women and the first manufacturing workshops began to make combinations of materials to make bags more aesthetic and resistant, in addition to seeking to make combinations with the dresses of the ladies of the time.

The metal frames, zippers, and leather were scarce, so they began to add to the closures and laces so that later this "accessorization" of the bag is almost a standard today in the manufacturers.

By the beginning of the century, design houses like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes were born.

Small bags become symbols of femininity; Since the large bags were used by men.

In the middle of the century began to use psychedelic adornments and hippie "flower power" which gave a romantic appearance.

In the 80s Miuccia Prada designed a black nylon backpack that became the first known unisex bag.

From the 80s onwards we can say that there is a diversity of designs, brands, styles, and quality in the bags. We hope that this information has been of importance and that you can say that you know a little of the origins of the so common but super indispensable bags for our beloved women.

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