Origin of the Boston Shoe and Its Daily Uses Today

Origin of the Boston Shoe and Its Daily Uses Today

In Mexico, we know it as a [Bostonian shoe], but in other countries, it is known as Brogue or Budapest, and undoubtedly it is one of the most fashionable shoes in the world.

Its main characteristic that we identify and we know them are its super distinctive "little holes" that today are only merely adornment, but there was a moment when they were utilitarian.

The truth is that I want to tell you the story of this model because it is a very interesting anecdote.

By its name, we think it arises in Boston, but the reality is that it was in Scotland, where the ground is very muddy most of the year as well as wet, so the holes were indeed useful, Water that entered the footwear, that is to say they were a type "strainer". At that time (early twentieth century) these shoes were super useful for fieldwork.

By the middle of the twentieth century, they evolved a little, and their use stopped merely working because they were considered as the "tennis" of the time, the reason was that they fail to take the place of the most formal shoes in the locker room male; That privilege is left to the Oxfords.

Today they are in a very dignified 2nd place talking about the level of formality, so they are perfect to wear with suits, slim-cut shirts, as well as polo shirt and even with blazers of any color in order to be slightly Less rigorous and formal, as they bring a fresh look, for a casual Friday.

But for formal acts at night we do not recommend, or even being black, your Bostonians the best option will always be an Oxford.

In most magazines we see this navy blue suit look with brown Bostonian shoes, and many times with colorful socks and different contrasts.

history of boston or brogue shoes

This type of outfits, although they look very attractive, and will always be considered as casual, but with the advantage of giving you a more sophisticated and innovative look, without falling into fashions, especially if you work in offices, and there is a dress code for every day of the week.

These types of looks are known as "Business Casual".

We hope this little note has been very useful.

Stay on top of our blog, because soon we will be bringing you new information on how to combine this type of shoes according to the occasion and the type of clothes you have in the closet.




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