7 Really weird facts you didn't know about shoes

7 Really weird facts you didn't know about shoes

And to prove it we gave ourselves the task of looking for the strangest and most interesting events about footwear.

Join us to meet them and let yourself be surprised by stories you surely didn't know.

1. Did you know that men were the first to wear heels? We'll tell you why right away.

For centuries, heels represented a high social position rather than gender.

One of the main reasons for these times specifically in the fifteenth century, it was crucial to riding a horse so it was necessary to have a high heel in the boot to stay in your stirrups and get on the horse easier.

2. Did you ever hear the term "two left feet"

calzado 2 pies izquierdos

If you play soccer you will understand perfectly when someone on the team does not give one.

For this event we go back to the year of 1818, where the right shoe was invented.

Until that time, there was no distinction between shoes made for the left or right foot.

The first pair of shoes that had right and left foot was made in Philadelphia. Obviously, the shoes were not made for comfort but for protection at that time.

3. Did you know that there is a scientific explanation for our addiction to shoes?

It happened to you that you have your closet full of shoes, tennis, and boots but you feel that it is not enough since you always need to be looking for a way to combine them perfectly and those you have are not suitable, so you decide to go buy a pair Perfect for a special occasion.

The editor of the book Footnotes: On Shoes, Suzanne Ferris explained it in an interview for an American magazine: "Shoes are a collector's item, and buying new ones stimulates a part of the brain."

When you buy shoes, your brain releases endorphins, better known as happiness hormones.

4. On average, women in the United States have 19 pairs of shoes.

Because a pair is never enough for a woman, they are the main lovers of shoes as well as most of us men love cars.

They always want a pair of shoes that is perfect to give a good impression and above all to make their style felt before others.

5. In Europe, it was not until the eighteenth century that women's shoes were different from men's.

Can you imagine how it was at that time, I do, go to the shoe store and buy the same model as your girlfriend's. You agree that it is very rare no.

Luckily that has already changed and today there are endless options to choose from no matter what gender you are.

6. There is no official information on who invented women's high heels, but the vast majority of authors and historians agree that women's high heels were invented thanks to Catalina de Medici.

She was a person of 16th-century Italian royalty. It is said that she was a bit short and sought to look taller and with greater presence, with the main objective impressing King Henry of France.

There is no doubt that heels are the best friends of women as they look great and for us men, there is no better relationship than a woman with heels that looks tall and elegant. I imagine that King Enrique was fascinated at that time ...

7. The boots with which Neil Armstrong walked on the moon are still floating in space.

If Neil Armstrong had kept them safe brands like Nike or Adidas had already imitated them and I dare to say that these boots would be best sellers.

But our astronaut friend cares about the environment and did not want to pollute the earth since these boots could bring certain harmful polluting materials.

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