Amantolli Leather Art

Amantolli Leather Art


Amantolli Leather Art® is a family business that started on February 14, 2010 with the illusion of creating a company that was different from the one that the city of León (famous for footwear) has. However, it did not lose the value of the use of leather, but adapting it to new times.

From there was born the concept of making different articles for interior decoration such as cushions, carpets and different accessories like cell phone bags, Cosmetic bearer, women's bags and others.

We are currently a small company that already has 6 years working day to day to offer products of better quality, with innovative designs, vibrant colors and mainly having handmade and friendly methods of the environment.


We are a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of articles of decoration and accessories in leather and handmade textile, applying environment friendly methodologies.


We are a company characterized by quality articles and handcrafted designs that adhere to the forefront of the current market. We have processes that adhere to preventing the use of risky chemicals to health and the environment and we work day by day with motivation to comply with improving our work adhering to Mexican environmental regulations.


We work together and as a base of everything with the values of respect, honesty, tolerance and the impulse to grow fully as people, reflecting it in each of our products.

The name of Amantolli comes from the native Mexican language "Nahuatl" which means "Handicrafts"