are you talented?

are you talented?

Human talent is understood as a combination or mixture of various aspects, characteristics or qualities of a person, involves knowledge (knowledge), will (commitment) and power (authority).

For example, a footballer will be talented if he knows the rules of soccer (knowledge), if he has the skills to dominate the ball, make passes or goals and the spirit of fighting and delivery (attitudes) to play, which is Must show in the game (conduct) during a football match.

It is understood that human talent encompasses many factors of the individual such as: knowledge, experiences, creativity, aptitude, motivation, vocational interests, attitudes, abilities, skills, potentials, health, etc. That is to say it comes to be possession of several competitions.

The concept of talent is congruent with that of competencies, according to Martha Alles: "Competition is a characteristic of the personality developed in behaviors that generate a successful performance in a job ... The competences are qualities that remain underlying the interior of the individual, Which is only visible in their work behaviors ".

Rabin Chuquisengo considers competition as "aptitude, quality that makes the person fit for an end. Sufficiency or suitability to obtain and exercise a suitable, capable, skilled or purposeful job for one thing. Capacity and willingness to perform well ". In other words, competence is a characteristic of a person who manifests himself in a satisfactory performance in several specific aspects of his work performance.

A competition is not something spontaneous, not something that happens in itself, but is a dynamic result of the interaction between the individual and the work context, in which he deploys and applies the knowledge, attitudes and skills that he possesses.
In the exercise of competencies, talent is shown that is a complex and complete gift because it involves knowledge, attitudes and skills. A person may have knowledge but not commitment; May have knowledge and commitment, but not skills; May have skills and commitment, but not knowledge.

As seen, talent is not only knowledge or skills, it is also commitment and capacity, it is the sum of several competencies. In short the talent is a mixture of "I know how to do, I want to do it and I can do it".

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