MR B and MS B This is the name of this Mexican brand that specializes in men's and women's t-shirts, which has gradually been making its way into the national fashion market. A success that has led to commercial success Mr. B and Ms. B is the fusion of styles, on the one hand, the influence of Graffiti, Hip Hop, and Skate; Is totally urban with mixtures of graffiti and ska.

We have another line that is 'urbanmexican' that are movies, characters and cultural elements of Mexico like Tin Tan, for example, that we translate into footwear, clothing, and accessories.

Cristian  Alfonso Rodríguez and  Azucena Castillo: diseñadores

Mr. B and Ms. B is an urban clothing and materials company founded in 1995 in Leon Gto by the hand of Cristian Alfonso Rodríguez who is currently the creative director graduated in Graphic Design from the De La Salle Bajío University

Picture: Sapica León Gto. periódico correo

"It is a line of clothes for men and women that arises from the need to create an independent brand with themes and designs according to fashion and with the concern to create something different that stands out and a new graphic perspective"

"For me graphic design is the medium of expression of what I like to do through an image so that people understand and enjoy it"

 We already had a lot of time painting and our tendency has always been urban and hence our style, our inspiration, the result is that we do something urban but it does not look like the copy of a American brand but it is noticed that it is A Mexican design and authentic compared to what you see in others.


Participation in the runway of "Intermoda in the city of Guadalajara"

What has left us this mark of design is to see how people identify with your work because we work with pop culture themes. In addition, we show young people how entrepreneurship is a profitable field, where you decide to do your own thing and the market is always waiting for us to propose something new so that they are interested in what we sell.

The truth is that we have had very good acceptance because our designs are very Mexican, we have started to sell already in other parts of the country. We have seen that the people who buy our brand are because it identifies with it and they like what we do and realize that in Mexico we also make good design and quality products.

Facing the economic deficiency because at the beginning you have to invest, invest, invest and the profits are reflected until a later time not immediately and that ends up tiring you, or despairing. In my case, in particular, I have seen that many people do not pay for design, it costs a lot to consume the design that is made in their country, is very accustomed to just spend on the branding of shopping centers, compared to other brands and do not give I realize that I am from here, that I am selling here and that I am the source of many people's work in this city.





The B-side of fashion 

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